Stefan Lano


La Razon (Oscar Ledesma), 1993

South American Premiere of Berg's Three - Act Version of LULU

Teatro Colón, Buenos Aires

The Teatro Colón, as is generally expected with projects of special importance, went to great extremes to assure this first South American performance of the three-act version of LULU the respect and artistic attention it is due. The effect of this opera depends, more than others on the variable structures of the orchestra, the formal symmetries and, above all, the complexities of thematic interplay. Voices and orchestra are a unity: all of equal importance. It is these deciding elements which test the acoustic power of perception, the capability and sensitivity of the conductor. Stefan Lano demonstrated a mastery of these elements and more. He achieved a balance within the orchestra and between orchestra and stage which facilitated the understanding of both text and the multi-faceted inter-weavings of musical material so important to this opera. Understanding the music is, no doubt, a deciding factor, he also did not miss the opportunities to underscore the rhythmic vitality which, although less analytic than other facets of this music, is equally important to the over-all success.

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