Stefan Lano



Wagner: Tristan und Isolde at the Göteborg Opera

Göteborg, Sweden

Svenska Dagbladet
Stockholm, 05/03/2013

Conductor Stefan Lano creates a feeling of calm in the orchestra which radiates with pristine clarity and precision.

Göteborgs Posten
Göteborg, 05/03/2013

One truly hears the minute gradations of tempo shading and rotations of the sound spectrum, accentuated by the excellent orchestra under the masterful conducting of Stefan Lano. He highlights the impressionistic quality of the music throughout, achieving a remarkable transparency.

Göteborgs Tinningen Expressen
Göteborg, 06/03/2013

The Göteborg Opera Orchestra sounds fantastic under the masterful direction of Stefan Lano. Tristan und Isolde may be a tragic love story, but the orchestra contributes sufficient energy such that the performance passes more quickly than one might imagine. This rendition of Wagner's masterpiece is ready for the gramophone.

Stockholm, 06/03/2013

To this sensitive stage direction, Stefan Lano creates a close conuterpart in the orchestra's factual, clear but incessantly intense performance. Lano is a new name for Sweden, but a man of great experience in important opera centers throughout the world.

SR Radio

The Göteborg Opera Orchestra conducted by Stefan Lano distinguishes itself as an ensemble of the highest caliber. A romantic glow enhances every note coming from the orchestra pit. This is a production in which all the parts blend together making for a stunning and luscious performance. An indelible impression was left by the Liebestod which was truly magical and among the best renditions I have experienced.

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