Stefan Lano


EL PAIS (Julio César Huertas), 2013

Brilliant Penderecki with Barry Douglas

Montevideo, Uruguay

The Polish composer, Krzystof Penderecki first visited Montevideo as conductor in 2008, leading the Vilnius Festival Orchestra of Lithuania. On that occasion, he presented two of his works in a concert in memory of Pope John Paul II.

Now, one could appreciate the first performance in Uruguay of his extraordinary Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in the magnificent interpretation of the Irish pianist, Barry Douglas, accompanied by the National Symphony and its Music Director, Stefan Lano.

This was a version which demonstrated the grand virtuosity and musical understanding always in evidence when Douglas performs. It was as though the composer had written this work especially for him. The public showed its appreciation with numerous curtain calls after which Mr. Douglas offered an exquisite encore of the Brahms Intermezzo, Op. 117 N° 1. This was new terrain for the orchestra, which is not accustomed to the palette of repertoire which Lano is introducing to Montevideo. But the close of the concert was sublime, thanks to the excellent interpretation which Lano imprinted upon Tchaikowsky's Symphony N° 6.

The orchestral richness of this work presents numerous occasions in which the talent of an interpreter of superior category encounters the necessity to concentrate in maintaining the highest degree of tension. Lano triumphed amply in a truly exceptional rendition, celebrating a version of this symphony which we can easily qualify as unique. The deeply-moved public awarded orchestra and conductor with indescribable enthusiasm and a long standing ovation.

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